The 90 Degree Club

The 90 Degree Club membership program is truly one of a kind, designed specifically to cater to our customer appreciation! The free membership entitles you to receive a wide variety of gifts with every puzzle completed: T-Shirts, key chains,  electronics, gifts cards and much more!


Levels of membership: There are four levels of membership: Bronze (novice), Silver (intermediate), Gold (advanced) and Platinum (expert).  The first three levels contain four tiers each, and the platinum level is unlimited, designed specifically for our extremely dedicated members! There are a wide variety of free gifts offered for every level, so the more puzzles you complete the more gifts you receive!

How to receive puzzle credit: Each puzzle book contains a product coupon located on page one, write your name and member number on the coupon and send it to our office (address below) for processing.  If you are not a member you may still send in your coupon, but you must attach the membership application (located on page 2) as well to receive credit.  You will receive your free gift no later than 30 business days after your verification has been received and processed. If you do not submit verification, you will not be able to receive your free gift. *Submitting a puzzle book verification coupon is the only way you are allowed to move up to the next tier/level of membership*

Purple Pen Publishing LLC
Attn: The 90 Degree Club
PO Box 53965
Fort Benning, GA 31905